No one could have foreseen how dangerous Hurricane Dorian was going to be and when it made landfall it wreaked havoc and destruction on the lives and livelihoods of entire Abaco and Grand Bahama communities.

Watch this amazing video of hope, ‘Circle of Strength’, demonstrating the true courage of all the brave and displaced Abaconian souls and the determination of the families fortunate enough to have been reunited.  Communities pulled together and heroes  from Nassau, all over the USA and other parts of the world came to rescue the dogs & cats of Abaco who were separated from their families.

This movie is dedicated to those who lost their lives in Hurricane Dorian and those who thankfully survived and continue to fight every day to be reunited with their loved ones.  Thank you to every single volunteer (there are too many to name here) to whom Baark, the Bahamas Humane Society, Abaco and The Bahamas will forever be indebted to.