Dear Baark Supporters !

We are SO EXCITED to bring you some amazing news. Thanks to an extremely generous couple, Ron and Christie Ulrich, we’re thrilled to announce that in January 2022 Baark! will be getting a MOBILE CLINIC – it will be our very own spay/neuter clinic on wheels!

We currently aim to spay/neuter approx 2,000 dogs and cats per year –  the mobile clinic will increase this to 20-30 fixes per day = 5,000-7,000 surgeries per year ! The mobile clinic plans to have its own dedicated Baark! vet and vet technician to conduct the operations. Our education program will continue running alongside in a tent on weekends, to educate children in the communities about animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. We will initially concentrate on Nassau, before tackling the family islands at the end of 2022 and into 2023.

The impact of this mobile clinic will finally make an impactful difference, we’ll see less stray and roaming animals,  it will improve their welfare whilst also creating safer and cleaner communities for all. The cost of this running project is huge so we’re looking for donors and sponsors to help fund this exciting venture and help take our spay/neuter numbers to the NEXT LEVEL.

Stay tuned as we’ll keep you updated with our progress over the coming months!