Hurricane Dorian came through the Abacos and Grand Bahama at the beginning of September 2019, devastating the affected areas.  Baark! immediately stepped into action to help the animals from that were affected.  Many families had to evacuate, leaving their beloved pets behind.  We chartered planes and boats to go back to the most affected areas in Abaco for many search and rescue missions.  All rescued animals were held either here in Nassau or in the USA in fosters until November 4 giving their owners a chance to come forward before becoming available for adoption.  Dogs and cats that were not claimed are now up for adoption.

Catch up on the Highlights…

  • Baark! chartered planes to bring animals (and sometimes their owners) out of Abaco.
  • Baark! Volunteers were on the ground in Abaco assisting with search and rescue efforts.
  • The Dorian Animal Relief Coalition transported 220 rescued animals to Nassau.
  • We sent food and aid to Abaco for dogs, cats, & chickens.
  • We sent food to the horses in Grand Bahama.
  • With the help of IFAW & Greater Good we set up a temporary shelter facility for dogs and cats coming into Nassau.
  • We organized networks of volunteers, fosterers and carers.
  • We are continuously working with The Bahamas Humane Society, who have housed many animals.
  • We facilitated many reunions of owners and pets.


Our main efforts included chartering planes and boats to the islands, searching for animals, and evacuating them back to the main island of Nassau. We were also involved in sending food and supplies to caretakers of animals that remain on the islands, especially in remote locations.  

In Nassau, we set up a temporary sheltering facility known as the ‘Pup Tents.’ We had 2 military tents donated by Global Medic set up and we housed up to 60 dogs at a time.  We had a separate place to house cats that were rescued from the storm.  Thankfully, we were able to place quite a few dogs into foster homes as well.  

We rescued over 220 animals displaced by the hurricane.

We reunited many with their owners already and the remaining ‘refugees’ were permanently homed in Nassau and we did flights out to the USA to shelters, who then re-homed the survivors.  

We are so grateful to so many volunteers who helped in so many different ways, to so many companies who supported and to so many individuals who donated to help this all happen.  Without so many it would not have been possible.


Through mid-November and mid-December we hosted 5 clinics in Marsh Harbour, spaying and neutering 188 dogs and cats.


Our work in Abaco post-Hurricane Dorian continued with food distribution through April 20th, 2020.  We were sending about 4-5 pallets of food up every week or every other week and a local volunteer from the Abaco Shelter took them to distribution points where people in need would get bags.