The Bahamas has suffered from homeless animal overpopulation for many years.

Baark! has a SOLUTION, we need YOUR support!

Baark! is going to the NEXT LEVEL

Since 2009, we have gained significant experience and built strong relationships with wonderful people both locally and internationally who fully support us and believe in our vision. To learn about our history here is a video.

While our current efforts of 2,000 – 3,000 spay and neuters Baark! carry out each year help prevent MANY unwanted dogs and cats, and help on a micro-level, our current model was not enough to see an effect on the overall population and create dramatic and lasting change needed. 

In January 2021 a big picture philanthropist, Ronald Ulrich, met with us and asked what we thought was the answer to large-scale change. We knew the answer – but it’s a big investment and a LOT of work… and with that Mr. Ulrich committed to purchasing Baark! a brand new 26’ Mobile Clinic from La Boit.

With the arrival of the mobile clinic, Baark! will significantly increase the number of spay/neuter surgeries in The Bahamas to 5,000-7,000 annually and improve educational opportunities that focus on responsible pet ownership.


Spay, Neuter & Education is the ONLY WAY to make an impactful and lasting change.

Spay and Neuter is the most cost-effective and humane way to tackle a complex and ever-growing issue.

The cost of rescuing and caring for unwanted animals is over $1,000 per animal; not to mention the energy and time commitment required of the rescue community. The cost to spay or neuter one animal is approximately $100.

Every charity dollar goes so much further when investing in this long-term solution.

If done well, we could be a model for the region.

Did you know?

If a female dog or cat remains unneutered and allowed to reproduce unchecked, look what can happen in six years! Population explosion!

1 year: 12
2 years: 376
3 years: 11,801
4 years: 370,092
5 years: 11,606,077

1 year: 16
2 years: 128
3 years: 512
4 years: 12,288
5 years: 67,000

Proudly Presenting the Baark! Mobile Clinic


January 2021 to March 2022:

Planning, preparation and fundraising so we can operate the mobile clinic operation successfully in 2022.


Working as a team to learn how to efficiently and effectively operate a mobile spay neuter clinic. The aim will be to perform 20 – 30 surgeries per day = 5,000 – 7,000 surgeries per year performed by a dedicated Baark! vet and vet technician.

An education program will operate in an ancillary tent on weekends to educate the children in the communities on responsible animal guardianship while we spay/neuter.

In 5 years (2027):

To see safe communities in The Bahamas where there are a minimal number of unwanted dogs and cats on the streets.

For the Bahamas Humane Society, Potcake Puppy Palace and other animal welfare groups in The Bahamas to be able to operate at a manageable level and have multiple adoption applications for dogs and cats!

Will you be part of the Baark! five year ‘FIX’ Campaign

The mobile clinic will cost approximately $700,000 a year to operate. We are looking for donors to pledge $5,000+ per year and commit for 5 years.

So far we have $195,000 raised, with a paw print for 14 donors committed to five years of support

Will you help us reach our goals?

How can you donate?

If you would like to commit to our ‘Five Year Fix’ campaign please contact Laura on 242-457-4411 or email her at

She will guide you to find ways in which you can give and which donor level is right for you (for example we are happy to accept annual donations in installments).

Become a donor of the Five Year Fix Campaign