121 spay and neuters completed at the Eleuthera clinic located Governers Harbour .  Our Baark! truck covered from South Palmetto Point to Hatchett Bay, collecting animals and working with the people to help understand the importance of sterilizing and caring for their pets. We’ve educated at two primary schools using our coloring books and provided the police with flea and tick prevention for the community.  500lbs of dog and cat food was distributed , another epic effort by our awesome volunteers. 


We have an amazing support network of local residents over there, who are so generous with their time, accommodations and helping us in anyway needed to make these clinics as successful as possible. After several clinics over the past two years, we have facilitated over 1,000 spay/neuters on the island of Eleuthera and we can really see the difference this is making. We have also rescued/ rehomed and adopted over 60 animals from this clinic. 

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