Eleuthera is one of Baark!’s favorite places and we have been working tirelessly from north to south in the past 18 months. Since March of 2021 we have hosted 7 clinics spanning from Gregory Town to Deep Creek, spaying and neutering 796 dogs and cats, free to the community.

We are planning on returning to Rock Sound late October 2022 to continue the efforts down south. We have quite an amazing team and operation! We pack up our trailer with crates, traps, dog food and ALL supplies that are needed for our MASH clinics. The week before the clinic we send the truck and trailer over to the island and position it close to our clinic location which is usually at a church hall or community center. We have a pretty good mix of our pioneer volunteers from Nassau and our local ground team that we have built over the years in Eleuthera and we go door-to-door in the communities offering our services.

We have also orchestrated many specialty treatments and adoptions of the unwanted animals that we encounter in our clinics. Unfortunately The Bahamas is saturated with animals and our shelter in Nassau is overflowing and will not accept any more, this is why we believe spay and neuter is the only answer. Typically our out island clinics cost about $7k for about 130 surgeries plus travel of volunteers. We do try to request that locals donate lunches and drinks for the volunteers and for the most part they are always very helpful.

We have some key volunteers on Eleuthera who certainly help to make this all possible and we really believe that we have had a positive impact on the Island and we get messages weekly inquiring when we will be back! For some of the specialty cases we have raised funds to help families with their beloved pets that would otherwise not be able to afford it.

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