Animals spayed: ~

The move was quick from Apex to Forbes as it was just a bit further west on Cowpen Road.  BAARK! remained at this location for the duration allocated on the calendar.  Cowpen Road primarily houses Haitians living on farmland. Loads of dogs and cats were spayed/neutered from the bushy, bumpy, muddy back road areas not visible to normal, everyday traffic.
Each day was an adventure as language barriers presented  challenges.   BAARK!’s colouring books for the children worked like a charm and we soon earned the trust of many individuals who then pointed out various locations where families would have up to 10+ animals roaming.  The nexgard and spay/neuters were extremely appreciated.
The BAARK! team looks forward to returning to Cowpen/Carmichael road area.  The need is evident to sterilize, one tail at a time.

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