DRUM ROLL PLEASE: Tito’s is over the MOON about our support!
Because of the huge support from all of YOU Tito’s has more than doubled their initial pledge as a result of the amazing response to this promotion:
The Breakdown:

3,285 bottles of Tito’s Liters at $1.00 per bottle = $3,285

840 bottles of Tito’s 1.75L at $2.00 per bottle = $1,680

Grand Total paid by Tito’s to Baark! = $4965.00

A Huge Thank you to Tito’s and YOU – our amazing vodka drinking supporters! 

If you missed our stories on Facebook & Instagram posts last month here is the full selection of perfect cocktail recipes featuring Tito’s Handmade Vodka 🙂

Must be 18+ Drink Responsibly