Our American Friends can donate for through Friends of Baark!, a USA 501c3 to support our work in The Bahamas.

estabilished 2021

Friends of Baark!
is a Florida non-profit corporation.

It was created in direct response to the overpopulation of animals and the adverse effects this has on the general condition and well-being of animals.

Friends of Baark! mission is to carry out or assist the carrying out of spay/neuter and education projects to reduce the homeless animal population and end the suffering of dogs and cats throughout the Americas, and specifically in The Bahamas.


Spay and Neuter

  The only proven humane method in reducing stray and roaming animal populations and in turn needless suffering.

Friends of Baark! looks to solicit charitable contributions and support to ensure that spay and neuter programs are available for free throughout the Americas.
Educational initiatives are a core mandate of Friends of Baark!. Education on animal welfare and responsible pet ownership is of the upmost importance.

Friends of Baark! will have a strong focus on supporting educational initiatives for children as a core belief is that those taught to treat animals with compassion and respect are not only kinder to other humans, but they take those values into adulthood and pass them onto future generations.

To this is, Friends of Baark! expects to raise funds and seek other support, and then make grants to charitable, educational and/or governmental organizations in The Americas and particularly in The Bahamas.

In order to help with the efforts to provide free spay and neuter programs to encourage animal health and welfare, and to develop an educational program focused on animal welfare and compassion for children.

It is anticipated that the Friends of Baark! activities will be conducted throughout the United States by its utilizing entirely donated administrative resources and facilities (including the Friends of Baark! all-volunteer Board of Directors and officers), with appropriate assistance from other volunteers.

Use of all of the Friends of Baark! monies and grants will be made in the sole and independent discretion of its Board of Directors, and/or a committee thereof, for the purposes consistent with the Friends of Baark! mission.