Nassau, The Bahamas, 13 April 2022

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Baark! Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic Arrival Is Boosted By $100,000 Donation from FTX

Baark! (Bahamas Alliance for Animal Rights and Kindness) has announced the arrival of its muchly anticipated Mobile Spay and Neuter Clinic. The launch is elevated by a $100,000 donation from FTX. This contribution will help with operating costs of the vehicle, which has the capacity to perform 5,000-7,000 surgeries annually. The five-year ‘Stop The Suffering’ campaign now begins, which will lead to a huge reduction in animal overpopulation in The Bahamas.

Baark! a non-profit organization has been operating since 2009, focusing spay/neuter and education programs using Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) for stray animals and offering services to low-income families with pets. Their current efforts sterilize approximately 2,000-3,000 cats and dogs per year in Nassau and the family islands. While this model has served to hold the population explosion in check, something more significant was needed for large-scale, sustainable change. In January 2021, animal lover and advocate, Ronald Ulrich generously committed to fund a mobile spay/neuter clinic.

One year later, the custom-designed 26” Mobile Clinic from La Boit (the World’s top manufacturer of mobile veterinary clinics) has arrived. Baark!’s operating procedures will now be more efficient and effective thanks to the appointment of high volume spay/neuter specialist veterinarian Dr Jennifer Camilli. She will be supported by Kevin Minnis as vet assistant.

The mobile clinic will operate five days per week – Wednesday to Sunday, with capacity to complete 20-25 surgeries per day. Baark! has begun the initiative by working alongside the Bahamas Humane Society. They will move onto Centreville and then Fox Hill, with plans to expand to the Family Islands end of 2022 and into 2023. Simultaneously, there will be a heightened focus on expanded educational outreach that focuses on responsible pet ownership with a tent running alongside the clinic on weekends.

Laura Kimble, Baark! President expresses her delight “The arrival of our mobile clinic is simply a dream come true ! Since forming in 2009, we have completed almost 19,000 spay and neuters, which we are extremely proud of, having improved the lives of thousands of animals. However, this new venture will allow us to achieve greater heights, bigger changes and most importantly a longer lasting impact. Within five years we will see transformation of the culture in The Bahamas, with a minimum number of unwanted dogs and cats, plus a more compassionate and humane culture.”

She added “The cost of running the mobile clinic is significant and we are so thankful to FTX for believing in and supporting our goal for better communities. We’re both thrilled and grateful for his opportunity”.

“At FTX, our commitment is to create a better world through supporting causes and commitments that will improve the quality of life for humanity. We achieve better results through collaborating with organizations that are identifying solutions to vexing problems that require immediate action” said Zoe Gibson, a representative from FTX.

She added “We commend the efforts of Baark! by preventing animals from being born into a life of homelessness, suffering and abuse. We urge the public to take advantage of the free spay and neuter offered by Baark! when the mobile clinic comes into your community – so that together we can work towards creating a better quality life for all.”

Along with FTX, Ron and Christie Ulrich, Baark! have several further donors, companies and organizations that have pledged more than $10,000 annually with a five year financial commitment to the campaign. These include Insurance Management, The Herrod Foundation, Toby Hull and Lindsay Panning Foundation, Marvin and Donna Schwartz, The Glassman Family and Think Simple. Several others have chosen to remain anonymous.

Baark! is still appealing for other donors and companies to pledge an annual amount over five years to help towards the substantial operating costs of the vehicle and sustain this long term goal.


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