Baark! Supporting Members Program

Baark! has created a supporting members program for individuals and companies to pledge a financial commitment each year to help us continue our important work.

Why Partner With Us?

Like you, we want each gift to work as hard as possible and we’re committed to ensuring that every dollar has the maximum impact. We guarantee that 100% of your contribution will go directly towards the cost of spay/neuter of homeless animals or those truly in need of financial assistance in fixing their pets.

Making a tangible difference to the lives of animals in need is a truly rewarding experience. We want to share with you the passion for our projects by keeping you up to date with our numbers, family island clinics and education projects so we can celebrate successes together. We are always proud to show our major donors first-hand the real difference they can and do make every day.

Additional Information

Download our Supporting Members documents for more detailed information on the program. If you have questions or would like to becoming a supporting member please connect here with Laura our President (laura@baarkbahamas.org).