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The Baark! Blog

Nassau Village Clinic February 2019

Nassau Village Clinic February 2019

Calling out the big guns! Since we were in Nassau Village in February I haven't been able to stop thinking about all the dogs and cats we did NOT get to! We really want to host a clinic in the community in April but first, we need to raise $13,000 to cover the cost -...

Feb 2019 – Nassau Village MASH Clinic

Feb 2019 – Nassau Village MASH Clinic

Check out this amazing video put together by Leanne & Gerlinde for Baark! This showcases our work at the Lindsay Panning & Toby Hull Foundation Nassau Village MASH Clinic we hosted in February 2019.

Gerlinde & Leanne Vlog #8

Leanne and Gerlinde worked super hard the entire month! Luckily they carved out a bit of time to enjoy the beauty of the Bahamas! <3

Leanne & Gerlinde Vlog #6

Check out the rest of their adventure in Georgetown. Complete with a visit to Chat & Chill with the Sting rays! 🙂

Gerlinde & Leanne Vlog #5

Gerlinde and Leanne went to Georgetown Exuma with Dr. Hanson to help at the BHS Clinic in Georgetown.

Leanne & Gerlinde Vlog #4

Wow! Leanne and Gerlinde have been working so hard here – check out this awesome vlog which features our MASH Clinic

Gerlinde & Leanne’s Vlog #2

Keep up with Gerlinde & Leanne's adventure in the Bahamas right here in their second vlog!

Meet Leanne & Gerlinde – Vlog #1

We are so excited to share Gerlinde & Leanne's VLOGs they are doing of their time here with us in The Bahamas. They have come all the way from the Netherlands to intern with the Bahamas Humane Society and help with Baark! too!...

Spay/Neuter Clinic held on 21/22 October, Mount Moriah

The clinic was very successful with 129 spays/neuters and all animals were good.  We believe around 60 vouchers for the animals we could not accommodate. Dr. Dorsette and Dr. Solomon were outstanding.  The volunteers were outstanding.We would like to thank Dunkin...

Baark Press Features

Our animal activities often land us in the news. Take a look at some of our previous mentions.

Touching Rescue Story

Most of our work is done in Nassau, however, we also support the spay neuter efforts on Family islands. We do the most work with the team in Georgetown Exuma.