The Powerade Potcakeman 2023 Event Photos

Photos credits to Ronnie Archer Photography: Race Photos








Packet Pickup

Will be held:

  • Friday March 3rd, Bon Vivants, 5-7pm
  • Saturday March 4th, Jaws Beach, 2-4pm

Race Rules

  • It is each racer’s responsibility to be familiar with the rules.
  • You must wear the swim cap assigned to you. Keep all buoys on your right.
  • The race is NOT wetsuit legal.
  • Handlebars must be plugged. Automatic disqualification.
  • You must run or walk your bike out of and into the transition area.  You may not ride in the transition area. Follow appropriate signage.
  • You must mount your bike AFTER the mount line and dismount BEFORE the mount line.
  • Bike helmets are mandatory while biking (BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER the race). Helmets must be buckled or strapped on before you take your bike off the rack. This is a disqualification penalty. Helmets must be unstrapped in transition when your bike is racked.
  • Drafting is allowed on the bike for all races. TT bikes are not permitted.
  • Bib numbers MUST be worn for the run and facing FRONT.
  • Headphones are not permitted.
  • No littering on the course, other than at water stations – including gel wrappers and empty bottles.
  • Athletes’ age groups are determined by their age on Dec. 31st of the race year.
  • Please respect race volunteers – they are donating their time to allow you to race. Any foul language or verbal abuse will not be tolerated.
  • Athletes’ torso must be covered at all times (except during the swim), including kids.
  • When mounting, one foot must be over the mount line before mounting or there will be a 10 second penalty, served on the return from the bike in transition.
  • When dismounting, 1 foot must be on the ground before the dismount line or there will be a 10 second penalty, served in transition.

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