Special Cases

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.

We are a spay and neuter organization, but when we are out in the trenches there are certain animals we cannot leave and we make the decision to take on special cases.

We are aware of our resources and know that Baark!’s mandate is spay/neuter and education so our volunteers go above and beyond and raise specific funds for these special cases.

“To the strays yet to be saved…you matter. You are loved. You deserve so much more. You’re in my dreams and worst nightmares. You fill and break my heart. You keep me fighting. You give me purpose.”

Aja Nikiya, Baark! Friend and fellow rescuer @Compassion Kind



Baark! received a message from a caring community member about a cat who had given birth but she was not well. Jane called Natalie with the BHS Foster program. Natalie was able to identify that she was in urgent need of vet care and we got Cheryl to Dr. Davis.


I spotted Gloria scavenging for food at a highway last May. It took 3 days of following, feeding and calling on my Baark! team to trap her. She was terrified! Through our amazing network we taught her love and re-homed her with a perfect match in Florida.


Stanley was found in Nassau Village when the Baark! mobile clinic was stationed at Lowes Wholesale. He had a badly broken leg and Nancy, one of our amazing supporters, was with our outreach coordinator and she committed herself to helping this sweet suffering dog. Stanley spent nearly 2 months recovering with one of our local vets, Dr. Davis, in order to save his leg. He found his furever home with an amazing couple in Nassau.


Tonka was left tied to the Bahamas Humane Society’s gate in June of 2021. There was no space for an old dog like him so BHS called Baark! to save the day and rehabilitate him.


Baark! found Olive on Kemp Road in November 2022. She was weak and could not walk, but is now living in her furever home within Nassau.


Ava came from a cruelty case out of Foxhill in November 2022. She was the only surviving animal, as the rest of the dogs on the property starved to death. A few months later she had been adopted to a comforting family and was on her way to New York by private jet.


Baark! teamed up with Fiona of the Bahamas Humane Society to pick up Jon Snow from a busy roundabout in February of 2022. He has recently been sent to Canada by jet to meet his new loving family.


Tito came to the Baark! team broken and battered on Christmas Eve 2019. After battling parvo and several leg surgeries, he rules the roost at one of the Baark! founders homes.


A good samaritan called Baark! in November of 2019 after they found Blair dumped on the side of a road in Blair. Blair is now agility trained and living in the USA.


Arya was left screaming after being hit by a car at just 7 weeks old in 2018. She had a broken shoulder and terrible mange. The Baark! team came to the rescue and now she lives pain free with one of the founders and all her 4-legged friends.


Blind Blake was discovered by our amazing donor Ron Ulrich in February 2022. Ron was shocked and saddened and wanted to give Blake a chance and now Blake’s thriving.


A Bahamian musician called a Baark! volunteer when they spotted little Sadie suffering, yet wagging her tail on Carmichael Road in March 2021. Sadie hit the jackpot and travels between her summer home in Fort Lauderdale and her vacation home in Normans Cay Exuma.


Nugget was rescued from near death at Little Farmers Cay in 2018. It took planes, trains, and automobiles to move her fragile, broken spirit through the USA to her gracious furever home in Texas.


Ruby was a miracle rescue at the end of 2020. She lives happily with her forever mama in western New Providence.


Roger was the original Baark! rescue dog discovered in an abandoned building on Kemp Road during ‘Operation Potcake 2013’. Roger changed the way forward for the Baark! team. His transformation has inspired many in the rescue world and he continues to be the shining light in Baark! mama’s eyes.