Bahamas Waste revealed their newest uniquely designed garbage truck before a very excited group of local animal organizations this past Thursday. The beautifully designed truck has given Bahamas Waste an opportunity to show its continued support of these non-profit organizations by helping to bring awareness of the tireless work of The Bahamas Humane Society (BHS), Baark! and Operation Potcake.

“The private sector has always stepped forward to support an organization like the Bahamas Humane Society, Bahamas Waste has always been very supportive of us but this is just that one step more,” said Kim Aranha, President of The Bahamas Humane Society. “As this goes through the streets it’s going to build awareness that animals need to be nurtured, they need to be taken care of and that is the most essential thing.”

The truck highlights the Humane Society on one side and Baark! on the other. Baark!’s mission is to carry out spay/neuter projects in order to reduce the homeless animal population in the country. They also promote education programs that they hope will end the suffering of dogs and cats in The Bahamas.

“We are thrilled that Bahamas Waste took the initiative to create a truck that included the Bahamas Humane Society, Baark! and Operation Potcake,” said Laura Kimble, President of Baark! “Bahamas Waste has shown us so much support over the years and we are incredibly grateful to them.”

“Baark! focus is on spay and neuter programs, so that less unwanted dogs and cats will end up at the Bahamas Humane Society. Baark! has assisted in having over 600 spay or neuters performed so far this year and thanks to Bahamas Waste the truck will help spread our message and create even more awareness!”

Bahamas Waste has recently supported other organizations with their supportive truck designs, but this one touched closest to the heart of their Managing Director “I just had a little puppy that died a few weeks ago and it was devastating but the process had started before that,” said Francisco de Cardenas, Bahamas Waste. “What these guys do, the executive board and board of the Bahamas Humane Society, for animal welfare is just amazing so it’s something we felt we had to support.”

Percy Grant, Shelter Manager, at the Bahamas Humane Society said “Here again, hats off to another corporate citizen who has decided to bring about even more awareness of all the organizations on the island that are operating to relieve suffering and operating to relieve overall animal welfare in the Bahamas.”

Also having its logo highlighted on the truck is Operation Potcake. Though based at the Bahamas Humane Society, Operation Potcake, was born from the overwhelming need to reduce the amount of unwanted stray dogs in The Bahamas. OP, as it is affectionately referred, brings all the volunteers together with one objective in mind: spray and neuter as many dogs as possible in a short period of time. The headquarters for OP services are located at the BHS shelter and all clinics are coordinated by the BHS with a special committee formed by all the animal organizations in Nassau.

After much consideration Bahamas Waste has made the decision to keep supporting non-profit organizations in the country with these ‘moving billboards’. Plans to reveal more trucks will be announced in the near future. In the meantime the management and staff at Bahamas Waste and its board encourage everyone to adopt, not buy pets, spay and neuter their animals so we can control our stray issues and to always spread compassion!
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